We believe in dance.

We believe in its power to build self-confidence, self-expression and creativity.

We believe in its discipline, its technique and the character it builds.

We believe in dance as an art form, in its ability to help develop and define the individual.

We believe in the challenges, physical, mental and emotional that dance presents.

We believe in its camaraderie, of many moving as one.

We believe in the language of dance, to communicate that which can't be recorded.

We believe that dance maintains the body, feeds the mind and nourishes the soul.

Join us on our journey.



an introduction

 Penelope's Dance Studio has been successfully training children to dance in Birmingham for 34 years. A varied programme of Examination classes are available in over seven main subjects catering for boys and girls from 2 years.

Professionally qualified staff coupled with the sincere and careful teaching allows each child to develop dance technique, style, confidence and coordination at his/her own pace.

The schools happy atmosphere is a direct result of the hard working unity from pupils and staff.

The complex comprises of a purpose built dance studio 20ft by 40ft with sprung floors mirror and floor barres, changing and refreshment facilities, dance wear shop and costume hire shop.

All fees are payable at commencement of class. Lessons will not be held at Christmas, Easter or during the Summer Holidays.

Charity Shows, Fetes and our own Dance Productions help prepare the children for dancing professionally. Also our intensive 5 day Summer School Course is aimed at developing a deeper understanding of each form of Dance, which also culminates in the Summer School Production. All the above are optional extras provided by the School.

In compliance with IDTA regulations the children are encouraged to wear correct uniform. This can be purchased from our dance wear department, 'Penelopes Dancewear Dept'. This is open to the general public where gifts and non-syllabus wear are also available upon request.



"Not only students remember the school... I have met Miss Penny on various occasions (most times to hand her awards!) and had the pleasure of teaching her students for a full day. Even though I am now working most of the year in Tokyo, I really miss the great athmosphere of her dance studio and the lovely people I met there."
Guy-Paul Ruolt.

"I have been a member of the PDS family for a number of years. During my time at PDS I’ve had numerous performance and choreographic opportunities that have varied greatly in style and technique. I’ve had the opportunity to study in depth subjects that are of particular interest to me, gained a genuine appreciation of the many disciplines and their respective traditions and techniques that come under the umbrella of ‘dance’. I’ve had the opportunity to develop skills and parts of my character that have, in turn, provided support in other parts of my life. Creativity, discipline, self-respect as well as an understanding of musicality and human anatomy are all things that I attribute to the time I have spent at PDS."
Pendra Greenwood.

"Being introduced to dance at the age of 16 I felt like a late starter. I was introduced to Penelope’s Dance Studio and took part in my first class. I continued with one class a week but this gave me so much more confidence in my movement that I began more classes weekly. The support I got at PDS was so encouraging that at the age of 17 I decided to audition for a Dance and Theatre course at University. With further help from PDS (and only one year of experience) I was accepted onto the course. Since then I have had the opportunity to work with professional dance artists and choreographers either performing with them or teaching along side them. It is unbelievable to think that all of this started with just one class a week."
Luke Sheppard, 20.



All teaching staff (and crew at performances) are enhanced CRB certified and hold current Matron/Chaperone status where applicable.

Penelope’s Dance Studio holds all the necessary music licenses, Business and pupil insurance policies and health and safety policies which are available to view upon request at reception.

All licences for children to  perform or exemption certificates where applicable, will be obtained by the Principal.

Principal Qualifications: FIDTA Ballet, LIDTA Modern Jazz, AIDTA Theatre-Craft, AIDTA Tap, RAD MRT, Arts Awards Advisor, Bronze Level. Educational Professionals Award - Community Associate AQA NSAP. Licence to teach Melody Movement. Certified to accept Work Experience pupils. Trinity Guildhall Arts Council England.