PDS offer a Personal Development Programme (PDP) to all students, allowing them to follow an individual learning path suited to their personal interests and capabilities.

Within the PDP, examinations and classes are typically structured around the International Dance Teachers’ Association (IDTA) syllabus.

In addition, PDS also offers students the opportunity to study for Royal Academy of Dance (RAD) examinations, offers GSCE & A-level Dance support tuition, Bronze level Arts Award and Pre Associate and Full Associate Teacher Training. For younger students (2-4 years old), PDS operate an informal framework for dance and social development  - The Melody Movement Early Learning Programme.

Examination sessions are held frequently allowing pupils to enter Examinations when at their personal best, and not entered 'en mass'.

Please contact us for further information on building an appropriate PDP for your needs.




PDS has entered over 7000 exams and currently the average mark achieved across all subjects is 86.5%

This places the average mark in the DISTINCTION boundary of award grade in the IDTA syllabus.

Top mark to date - 96% went to Kate Frost for Freestyle Gold Bar Two.



Students can celebrate Exam successes with family and friends at our Award Ceremonies.  These are held at Drayton Manor Theme Park and provide the opportunity for families of pupils to get to know one another a little better. PDS also operates its own achievement recognition scheme that rewards students for exemplary conduct and high achievement.

A trophy is awarded to the student that achieves the highest mark within each subject, regardless of the grade for which they are entered.

The current trophy holders are as follows:-

The Award Ceremony

25th October 2015
Ballet Hannah Grace Northam Classical Award One 92%
Tap Charlie Neville Grade 4 88%
  Mia Smith Grade 1 88%
Gymnastic Dance Frankee Brown Primary 90%
Modern Jazz Luke Sheppard Gold Bar One 94%
Theatre Craft Khrys Dela Cruz Preparatory 90%
  Maja Kozlik Preparatory 90% 
  Jamie Pilcher Primary 90%
Freestyle Kate Frost Gold Bar Three 95%
Musical Theatre Rebecca Bonfiace Stage 4 94%
  Katie Cotter Stage 4 94%
  Beth Cox Stage 4 94%
  Peter Donnelly Stage 4 94%
  Alex Frost Stage 4 94%
  Chloe Mills Stage 4 94%
  Charlie Neville Stage 4 94%
  Hannah Grace Northam Stage 4 94%
  Luke Sheppard Stage 4 94%
  Georgia Taylor Stage 4 94%
  Beth Watkins  Stage 4  94%
Solo Award Rebecca Boniface Musical Theatre - Gold 88%


View previous trophy holders by clicking here


IDTA Theatre Dance Awards

IDTA hold a national Theatre Dance Award Festival each year. Around 300 Nominees are selected from more than 6000 candidates, entered in exams world-wide and are invited to compete at this yearly event.

PDS has had a number of candidates nominated for the Awards and some of the recent nominees are listed below...

Kirbie Franks


Modern Jazz Grade 4 2015 90%
  Ballet Inter Performer 2014 90%
Rebecca Boniface Modern Jazz Grade 5 2015 90%
  Ballet  Inter Performer 2014 92%
Kate Frost Modern Jazz  Inter Performer 2014 91%
Luke Sheppard Modern Jazz Inter Performer 2014 90%
  Ballet  Inter Performer 2013 91%
Katie Cotter Ballet Grade 5 2013 91%
Hannah Northam Modern Jazz Grade 4 2015 90%
  Ballet Grade 6 2014 91%
  Ballet Grade 5 2013 91%
Joanna Scholes Ballet Inter 2010 93%
Matthew Prichard Ballet Inter 2010 90%
Katie Fortey Ballet Inter 2010 92%
Rebecca Boniface Ballet  Grade 5 2010 90%
Thomas Herron
Ballet Grade 6 2009 90%
  Modern Jazz Grade 4 2009 91%
  Tap Grade 4 2008 89%
Amber Allen Modern Jazz Grade 4 2007 90%
Pendra Greenwood Tap Advanced 1 2006 92%
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Inter Performer   90%
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Grade 5    
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Grade 4    
Oliver Ashford
Tap Advanced 1 2006 94%
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Inter Performer   92%
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Grade 5    
(Ken Dodd Award) Tap Grade 4    
Dee Slack Tap Grade 4 2006 90%
Patsy Browne-Hope Ballet  Inter Performer 2006 89%
  Modern Jazz Inter Performer 2006 93%
  Theatre Craft Grade 5 2006 87%
  Theatre Craft Grade 4 2006 90%

Click here to view the International Theatre Dance Awards Press Releases

where our students who have received commendations are mentioned.