'UNIFORM REQUIREMENT LISTS' for both boys and girls (various age ranges) can be downloaded below...

Female Mainstream Pupils

Lower School/Mainstream Female Pupil - View/Download

Middle School/Mainstream Female Pupil - View/Download

Upper School/Mainstream Female Pupil - View/Download


Male Mainstream Pupils

Lower School/Mainstream Male Pupil - View/Download

Middle School/Mainstream Male Pupil - View/Download

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Uniform is an essential part of the discipline of all subjects and reflects the commitment from students to their studies. Moreover, uniform has practical implications for the performance of dance, hence the different styles of shoes and other apparel necessary for different subjects.

The ability of the teacher to see the silhouette of a dancer’s body helps in making the necessary corrections and adjustment to ensure safe and proper execution of all movements and steps. For this reason, close fitting clothing is essential. Likewise, safety must be taken into account when considering jewellery and other accessories. Loose jewellery, earrings and necklaces, belts, untied shoe laces or ribbons can all present hazards whilst dancing, especially in groups and/or with partners. For similar reasons long hair should be secured in a bun with fringes also pinned back off the face.

All Logo-wear can be purchased and ordered if not in stock, exclusively through Penelopes.

Dance shoes and Dance-wear need to fit correctly to enable correct technique. Therefore, all items of uniform are held in stock in our sales department and will be fitted accordingly.



The 'Classical Pancake' Bun

Hair to be smoothed into a hair coloured band in mid centre of head, the hair can then be twisted and curled to make the bun shape. Apply a natural coloured bun net to the bun shape and grip securely. If a book were placed on the crown of the head, the top of the bun would sit underneath. There should not be a visible fringe.


                 For Class & For Examination                                   For Performance  



Our 'Classical Pancake' Bun Tutorial


The Classical Plaits

Part the hair slightly to left of centre, each side is  then to be ‘frenchplaited’ and finished with hair coloured bands, neatly wrap hair near to the base of the hairline and secure with pins. There should not be a visible fring


We teach through Positivity and Encouragement therefore...

As you are Ambassadors for Penelope’s, always create a positive attitude whenever you are at the studio and whenever performing, competing or wearing PDS Logo-wear.

We believe in Dance... in its camaraderie, of many moving as one

  • Be Polite and treat everyone at the studio with respect and as you would wish to be treated.

  • Work together as a team. Show commitment, loyalty and honesty to one another.

  • Treat the studio as your home and with the respect you would give to your home.

We believe in dance... In its discipline its technique and the character it builds

  • Respect for the Art, Teacher and One’s self are gained by the preparation for class, therefore...
  • Dress neatly, understand and respect that each subject has its own style and needs the correct attire (dance wear and dance shoes) to achieve the correct technique.
  • Hair should always be neatly groomed in a pancake bun. A tutorial is available to watch on our website. There should be no visible fringe.
  • No earrings or jewellery should be worn to class, and chewing gum should be discarded before entering the studio for obvious health and safety reasons.
  • Keep your data file with you in your bag, incase notes need to taken during class or letters from teachers etc need to be taken home or stored safely for the future.
  • Always be on time, be early wherever possible - always ask to leave the studio, even if you are feeling poorly.
  • Class should be attended regularly, each week, maintaining an attendance level of 90%.
  • Talking, whispering or any negative behaviour is disrespectful to your teacher, fellow students and friends. It is unprofessional therefore, will not be tolerated.
  • Keep your belongings neatly stored in your PDS named bag, with all items clearly named. Do not bring valuables to the studio. Water can be brought into class in a clearly named plastic bottle.
  • Mobile phones should be kept safely in your bag if you choose to bring one. They should not be used in class unless asked to do so.
  • You should never leave the premises without a parent or guardian.